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Maternity Sessions!

Pregnancy is such an amazing experience why not remember those moments forever with a photo. Maternity sessions are the perfect way to ensure that you never forget how wonderful you felt and how precious that time is. These sessions are available in the studio or around Morgan County.  Capturing them in nature is typically best to allow a more diverse session. These sessions are $199. Outfit changes are permitted throughout the session. You can add in your significant other and any children the two of you may have without any extra charge.


Session fees are due in full within 48 hours of booking to reserve your date/time. Want to see a full session? Check out this blog post!


Don't hide the bump....that's the point of a maternity session! Clothing choice will depend a lot of the location that you choose. If you are in the studio then changing clothing will be easy. If you are on location it can be a little more difficult. Think about the type of images you want. If you’re somewhere urban then maybe boots and bright colors are in order.  More natural and you might have her opt for neutral tones and casual apparel.  This is a fun time to accessorize with jewelry, scarves or fun shoes. Dad should bring along a few neutral options to match you as well. If you would like to add in your other children, please try to coordinate them as well. There are quite a few helpful tips listed on the family session page


We typically recommend the beginning of the last trimester and hopefully before 35 weeks.  Once they reach that point, things start to get uncomfortable – getting up and down is tough work and it’s hard to feel ‘pretty’ and sometimes swelling takes over.  If you’ve been pregnant in the past, try to think back and remember.  If you do the session too early in the pregnancy you might not be able to tell there is a bump which makes it sort of difficult, since this is the point!  Are there are any complications like risk of preterm delivery, physical limitations, possibility of bed rest or are you expecting multiples? If so, we may need to push your session up a little.


For maternity sessions we tend to not use a lot of props as sometimes they can be a little cheesy. Instead, we try to focus on being more simplistic. If you do have a few cute things that you would like to add such as shoes, headbands or a family heirloom please bring it along and we will work it in.


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