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Boudoir Sessions!


About Face Pictures is thrilled to offer Boudoir sessions now. The session fee is $299 and includes professional hair and makeup (including eyelashes) by a licensed artist that will come to the studio and make you look glamourous. Boudoir sessions typically will last 2-3 hours: one hour for hair & make-up and 1-2 hours of coverage. 

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Preparing for your shoot

  • Browse Pinterest & other pages to get some ideas of what type of boudoir session you would like. AFP offers a classy, but sexy approach to boudoir and I want you to embrace your femininity and feel beautiful at your session. 
  • Grab a friend and go shopping for some outfits that flatter your figure. Don't forget accessories and heels. If there is a special prop that you would like used bring it with you. Remember not all of your outfits need to be lingerie. Boy shorts and your man's t-shirt or dress shirt can be sexy as hell! Especially if you are a little self-conscious and want to hide certain areas.

A few days before your shoot

  • If you wax, please do so a few days before your shoot to avoid any bumpiness or redness. 
  • Take some time to pay attention to your fingernails, toenails and eyebrows. 
  • Please do not get a fresh haircut the day of your session. Try to schedule this a week or so in advance to allow any corrections to be made in plenty of time. 
  • Stay out of the sun to avoid tan lines. Do not spray tan unless you are positive you will not be orange or streaky. It's best to do this days in advance to allow the spray to blend into your skin.
  • The day before your shoot shave and use a lot of moisturizer. 
  • Remove all labels and tags from your lingerie.

The day of your shoot

  • Wear clear deodorant
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid red marks: remove hair bands at least an hour in advance, no tight panties or socks or jeans. 
  • Arrive with a clean and moisturized face. Be sure that your hair is clean as well. Kristen will take it from there!
  • Try your best to relax. I get it, I'm a stranger and you're going to be practically naked in front of me. I promise that I will do my absolute best to relieve any stress or anxiety that you may have about your nakedness. Every woman has a different body and every woman has body hang-ups. I can edit out stretch marks and can pose you to flatter your body type. The studio will be locked up and all curtains and blinds will be closed to ensure your privacy. No other individuals will be allowed into the building during your session. Feel free to bring your spouse, boyfriend or a friend with you. If you have a driver, wine helps, too!