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Why Purchasing Prints is so Important?

January 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Over and over I am asked, "Will you just give me a copy of the images on a disc?" The answer is no, but what I will do is sell you photography prints because I want to see your images come to life and hand you a product that you can hang on your wall and enjoy for years to come.

Years ago, before digital photography was popular, people went to the photography studio, had pictures taken and then came back to view proofs so they could pick and choose which images they wanted to order. There was no disc or digital images.  Look around you, are the pictures on your walls recent? Or are they on a disc in a drawer somewhere? 

Digital photography is amazing and has done so much for the world of photography. I love my camera and all of the amazing things that programs like Photoshop can create, but I still love holding my art in my hands and watching a client get emotional and tears come to their eyes because they are holding something precious to them. They know at that moment, that it was worth ordering a print, gallery wrap, etc.

My fear is that if we keep handing clients discs with their images on them they won't be printed like they are intended to be.  Clients often say, "Well, I can go to Walmart, CVS, etc. and get it printed at a much cheaper price." Or, "It's just a piece of paper, why are you charging so much?" Yes, you can absolutely get it printed somewhere else cheaper, but places such as Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens do not use the highest quality ink or paper that a professional lab does. Also, it's not "just a piece of paper" it's your loved one's picture and the photographer spent hours editing it to be perfect.  

Quality is not something that I am willing to compromise on. My promise to my clients is to use the highest quality products so that you can look back years later and smile and know that it was worth the extra price because your image is still in tact and looks amazing!  The lab that I use only prints on archival paper. How sad would you be when you're in your 70's or 80's and your images are ruined because you had them printed on cheap paper using cheap ink? Or what if the unthinkable happened and your loved one died? My lab guarantees images for 100+ years!

Another comment that I often hear is, "Well, I meant to get them printed and I will, but I just haven't had time to get it done." This is becoming more and more common it seems. Life is busy and messy and gets in the way at times and prevents us from doing all of the little tasks. It's easy to keep saying, "I'll take care of it tomorrow." Then tomorrow comes and you're faced with something else so it just keeps getting put off and the next thing you know, it's been a year and those pictures are out-of-date and still in your desk drawer.  If in the end you want images on a disc, yes, I will sell them to you because customer service is my top priority, but I will recommend that you use a great lab similar to mine.

When you are comparing photographers and wondering which one to choose, please keep these things in mind. Why spend a bunch of money and time putting together outfits and then not use a professional photography studio?  It's important to capture life's precious moments, but it's just as important to ensure that they are displayed for others to enjoy as well. I am more than happy to help you figure out what you need and how to work with your budget. Payment plans are an option as well. I offer them interest free and you can take your time paying. There isn't a price that's too much to put on quality and memories in my opinion. After all, you're leaving part of your legacy behind for your family to enjoy for many years to come!



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